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What is Parenting Coaching?

Find out what parent coaching entails, how it helps, and if it’s right for you…

Is Parenting Coaching Right For You?

As we all know, no one hands out an instructional manual at the hospital. There is no rule book for parenting. And actually that’s a good thing. Every child is unique and has different needs. There are few universal truths in parenting, and no “expert” holds all the answers. In a coaching relationship, I give parents the space and tools to uncover their own answers. You are the expert on your family. You know the direction in which to move, I’m just here to give you a road map.

Coaching session are 60-90 minutes in length, and we can meet regularly or just when you have a specific matter to discuss. Coaching by phone or video chat means you don’t even need to leave your home!

Positive Parenting

Peaceful, gentle, positive, empathic. Whatever you want to call it, an approach to parenting based in empirical data, neurobiology, and attachment will offer you greater fulfillment and will provide your children with the resilience and emotional stability to thrive. If you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, and at a loss, learning some new strategies and the science behind them can give you a new outlook on your role as a parent. Through a coaching relationship, we’ll examine your values and beliefs about parenting and how they inform your relationship with your children.

Child Development

Many approaches to discipline offer quick fixes for short-term compliance. The research suggests that these gimmicks don’t actually teach children news skills or help them learn to solve problems. Through coaching, you’ll gain a better understanding of development and how parenting a child for long-term skill acquisition is a more effective approach.

Freedom from the Past

Do you find yourself yelling at your kids only to immediately realize with horror, “I sound just like my mother!” We all have patterns and ways of being that are ingrained from years of modeling and repetition. Children have a knack for bringing these qualities out in us and shining the light on areas that are ripe for growth. With my clinical training as a therapist, I’m able to help you make sense of how you were parented and help you to break unhealthy habits to start fresh with your own children.

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