Empathic Parenting Counseling and Coaching

Supporting you in raising resilient, compassionate kids


Choosing a therapist can feel like a daunting task. It's difficult to find a professional with just the right blend of expertise, honesty and compassion.

Humor and Warmth

Megan parents with such love, patience and empathy. She is an example of what wonderful parenting looks like. She has a way of interacting with all children that shows empathy, love and genuine curiosity. Through her writing and in discussions with her I can always find gentle guidance and a light heartedness that can be much needed when in the throes of parenthood!

~ HM, mother of two

Tools You Can Use

Megan Stonelake is a smart and incredibly insightful person. I have learned so much about the kind of parent I strive to be from her writings and her living example. She is kind, gentle and empathetic, which makes it very easy to talk to her about the hard parts of parenting. Megan always has very thoughtful and helpful advice when I need it most. I have found her ability to look at an issue and come up with a very clear and concise answer so refreshing. I am a more confident and empathetic mom because of the tools she has helped me build for myself. I highly recommend her counseling services!

~ JT, mother of two

Patient Listening

Megan is incredibly knowledgeable about parenting and counseling. Every time that I have come to her with a question or concern she patiently listens and responds with insightful, caring, nonjudgmental and gentle information that helps me better care for my children and makes me feel comfortable about my parenting choices. I appreciate her ability to understand from personal and professional experiences how hard parenting can be and that all of us need some help at times. I highly recommend meeting with Megan if you are looking for support during your parenting journey!

~ AO, mother of two

Know Better, Do Better​

Megan Stonelake’s parenting wisdom makes so much sense. She honors and recognizes the uniqueness of each child (and parent) while teaching us all to appreciate the gift that children are. She doesn’t try to make it sound easy because she seems to know, as a therapist and a mother, that it rarely is. The way she approaches myths we’ve all been brought up with, sometimes generation after generation, avoids name calling or blaming, while pointing out a better way. And isn’t it true that when we know better, we do better? She is writing the handbook on parenting I, and so many of my friends, wish had been handed to us with our newborn babies. Her insights remind me that even the youngest child deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. The future looks bright with mamas like her changing the paradigm of parenting.

~ CP, mother of three and grandmother

Calm presence

​I have found parenting to be the single most challenging task I’ve ever been faced with. Whether the challenge be due to postpartum depression, huge anxiety worrying over my child, exhaustion from forgetting to take care of myself, potty training and toddlerhood, or the general sense of “am I doing this right?!” that I think we’ve all faced at some point; I’ve had the good fortune of knowing Megan Stonelake through it all. Megan’s calm demeanor and warm nature make her easy to talk to. Her ability to see situations from all sides makes her input all the more valuable. She is patient, kind, and good-natured while also a clear communicator. She always seems to have an idea on how to handle situations that haven’t yet been considered. Megan has a professional background counseling children and parents from a broad demographic. She has a heart for families and for gentle parenting. I would recommend her services to any parent seeking guidance down this winding path called parenting

~ KR, mother of one and foster parent

Gentle Knowledge

It's hard to imagine someone more perfectly suited for their profession than Megan. She is a kind, thoughtful and loving mother with an amazing knack for communicating her wealth of parenting research in a gentle and effective manner.

~ BS, father of one