4 Benefits of Screwing Up in Parenting

Picture it: you’re right in the middle of making dinner, and your six-year-old, who has been eerily quiet, blasts through the kitchen with a bin full of dog food. Kibble sprays in every direction as he shoves the bin along the floor. The dogs joyfully romp behind him, barking and gobbling down food. It’s chaos. … Read more

I Don’t Want to Be a Mom Today

I know it goes so fast, and someday I will miss the patter of small feet careening through my kitchen. One day my house will be too quiet and I will give anything to read one more book or tell one more story. There will come a day when I will ache for tiny arms around my neck and sticky hands cradling my face. I’ll miss adoring eyes and a tiny voice whispering, “Mama.” I know all of that. Some days I really feel it, and I drink in all the sensations that will slip away in the blink of […]