5 Ways Mamas Can Kick Perfectionism to the Curb

Perfectionism and motherhood seem to be natural bedfellows. We’re often led to believe there is a “right” way to do everything: from birthday invitations to breastfeeding, diapering to education. We have to get everything just right or our children will live in our basements until they’re 30 and we will be marked as failures. Yet … Read more

Guest Post: Peacefully Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

Before we discuss an approach to parenting a strong-willed child, let’s take a step back and ask: Is there even such a thing as a “strong-willed” child? Some readers will be nodding their heads vigorously. “Of course there is, just meet my daughter!” There are, however, different perspectives: One is that a strong-willed child has … Read more

Stop with the Parenting Articles

Stop with the Parenting Articles

There are a LOT of parenting articles out there. Each time I scroll through Facebook, I encounter at least ten new articles. Sometimes we read articles that speak directly to our experience and either affirm our choices or help us understand a particular struggle. These give us a great sense of relief and help boost … Read more

I Don’t Want to Be a Mom Today

I know it goes so fast, and someday I will miss the patter of small feet careening through my kitchen. One day my house will be too quiet and I will give anything to read one more book or tell one more story. There will come a day when I will ache for tiny arms around my neck and sticky hands cradling my face. I’ll miss adoring eyes and a tiny voice whispering, “Mama.” I know all of that. Some days I really feel it, and I drink in all the sensations that will slip away in the blink of […]

What to Do When Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Parenting Style

For many of us, summer means family gatherings: BBQs, weddings, and family reunions all bring us closer to our families, whether they live around the corner or on the other side of the world. And while seeing great-aunt Mildred and hearing stories from generations past can be a real treat, spending an extended period of time with family can also evoke old emotions. We might love our families and simultaneously feel as though we aren’t entirely accepted by them. We brace ourselves for criti […]

A Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Don't sweat it dads, I've got you covered.

Listen up, dads.Mother’s Day is a big deal to the mother of your children. She probably has a picture in her mind of how she wants the day to go, and she’s going to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. It’s a lot of pressure, right? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.Here’s the thing: what she wants is actually pretty simple. Obviously every mother is unique, and there can be no definitive guide. That said, I think we can make some safe assumptions:She’s tired.She eats food.She t […]