What I’m Reading: Shame-Proof Parenting

It happens in the middle of the grocery store or maybe your first time to a new “mommy and me” group. Your child drops to the ground and begins to wail as you urgently attempt to quell the building storm. You know all eyes are on you, eager to watch your next move. In that moment you aren’t parenting for the child who is having a hard time, you are parenting for every other adult in the room. You’re so focused on how you will be perceived that you completely lose sight of […]

What I’m Reading: Free to Learn

Everywhere we go, my five year old son strikes up conversations with strangers. Unvariably, they ask him if he’s in school yet, to which my kid usually replies, “No, I don’t want to go to school. You don’t get to play there.”The topic of school also comes up a lot among my group of mom friends. Most of us have children who have recently turned five, and we’re beginning to think about how we want our children’s career with education to begin. Public, home […]

Top Five  Must Have Parenting Books

  I read a lot of parenting books. It’s a bit of an obsession, actually. People know this about me, so it’s not uncommon for a friend to call me and ask, “What’s the best book for ___?” Sometimes it’s discipline, sometimes it’s self-care, sometimes it’s overcoming a difficult childhood. Odds are I’ve read a … Read more