4 Benefits of Screwing Up in Parenting

Picture it: you’re right in the middle of making dinner, and your six-year-old, who has been eerily quiet, blasts through the kitchen with a bin full of dog food. Kibble sprays in every direction as he shoves the bin along the floor. The dogs joyfully romp behind him, barking and gobbling down food. It’s chaos. … Read more

3 Reasons Kids Need Nature

This summer we were hit hard by wildfires. For weeks on end, our air quality was rated very unhealthy or hazardous, and we were trapped inside day after excruciatingly long day. I always knew my son needed to be outside for a good portion of every day, and I know that I am a happy, … Read more

What to Do When Your Family Doesn’t Support Your Parenting Style

For many of us, summer means family gatherings: BBQs, weddings, and family reunions all bring us closer to our families, whether they live around the corner or on the other side of the world. And while seeing great-aunt Mildred and hearing stories from generations past can be a real treat, spending an extended period of time with family can also evoke old emotions. We might love our families and simultaneously feel as though we aren’t entirely accepted by them. We brace ourselves for criti […]

Ask a Therapist: 4-Year-Old Having Difficulty with Transitions

Q: My four and a half year old is having an extremely difficult time right now with transitions. I know part of it is her age, and part of it is that her school year just came to a close, but every single time we have to transition from one thing to another (dinner to getting ready for bed, leaving an activity or place to go home, etc.), we have tears, negotiations, running away, and sometimes even full-on tantrums. I always try to give a two-minute warning before we end an activity, and I alway […]