Guest Post: Managing Parenting Dreams vs. Children’s Interests

Parents sometimes attempt to live vicariously through their children even when the child has different interests from the parent. They are likely not trying to control the child but believe that their own dreams will make the child happy. Parents can balance their own dreams for their children with their child’s interests to help guide … Read more

The What, How, and Why of Respectful Parenting

Positive parenting, peaceful parenting, respectful parenting, gentle parenting. Call it what you want, these concepts are all more alike than they are different. Odds are you’ve stumbled across one of these phrases in a blog post or from a friend. Maybe you’ve heard that this approach is permissive, that it’s raising up a generation of … Read more

4 Reasons We Don’t Bother With Family Dinners

Most therapists will tell you that family dinners are essential for raising well balanced children. Even “the most important thing you can do with your kids.” The assumption is that we all have hectic lives and various activities which keep us busy. If we don’t reconnect over dinner, we’re missing important opportunities for conversation with our children. The communal dinner has become a ubiquitous family value, one we’re all supposed to observe if we want to be good pa […]

Why “Just Ignore Him” Is Terrible Parenting Advice

  “Just ignore him when he acts like that. He’s just doing it to get attention.” We’ve all heard this advice from fellow parents, pediatricians, and even parenting experts. Your toddler or preschooler drops to the ground and is lost in the throes of an epic tantrum, and you’re advised that the best course of … Read more