Ask a Therapist: Preschooler Negative Self-Talk

Q: How do I respond to a 4yo saying “stop using your serious voice” and “everybody hates me” when given a limit, usually when he is a little too rough. I asked why he says that people hate him and he was able to verbalize it’s because he “messed up.” Usually if I try to engage him in conversation about it in the moment he repeats it over and over. I tried to talk about learning from mistakes and how I make mistakes, but maybe I am missing something. A: This is another one I can rel […]

Ask a Therapist: 4-Year-Old Having Difficulty with Transitions

Q: My four and a half year old is having an extremely difficult time right now with transitions. I know part of it is her age, and part of it is that her school year just came to a close, but every single time we have to transition from one thing to another (dinner to getting ready for bed, leaving an activity or place to go home, etc.), we have tears, negotiations, running away, and sometimes even full-on tantrums. I always try to give a two-minute warning before we end an activity, and I alway […]