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The Value of Play

One morning when I was headed to work, my three year old was busy building train tracks. I knelt to say goodbye to him, and in a serious tone he told me, “I’m doing important work too, my work is play.”Why Play MattersPlay is the way children synthesize new information, how they process difficult experiences, … Read more

The Case for Empathy

Ted Van Pelt via Flickr Last fall there was a shooting at a small community college not far from where I live in rural Oregon. Like many people, I was horrified and shocked by the tragedy. I felt outrage at the injustice, but even more so I felt deep sadness. I hope many Americans shared … Read more

Letter to a Judgmental Parent

Recently a dear friend for whom I have a lot of respect posted this article, emphatically agreeing with it. I had an immediate negative reaction to it, but it took days of mulling it over to figure out why. On the surface, I agree with many of the author’s philosophies. “The real tragedy here is society’s general … Read more