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The Trouble With Time Outs

Photo Credit: Russ via Flickr Given the popularity of the time out on parenting websites, it may come as a surprise to many parents that time outs aren’t the most effective form of discipline. Parents may be in complete agreement about the damage that can be done by spanking, but the same parents might be surprised … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Never Spank Your Child

Photo credit: Ha! Designs via Flickr Parenting styles tend to change with the times. While corporal punishment was a standard practice 50 years ago, there’s evidence to show that spanking is on the decline. Sadly, while it’s no longer the prevailing strategy for discipline, corporal punishment is not as rare as one would hope. One poll suggests that as … Read more

Discipline vs. Punishment 

Lance Neilson via Flickr There are certain aspects of parenting where we can get away with making a decision based on what feels familiar. Family traditions are a great place to see our legacy flourish and teach our children about our family history in a meaningful way. For example, growing up my mom always created … Read more

6 Ways to Avoid Raising a Trump Supporter

Photo Credit: youtube.com/watch?v=yElSyS2pB50 It’s fair to say our country is in a period of unrest; politically we are divided. We may have thought that as a nation we were healing from centuries of racism, but what Donald Trump’s candidacy has shown us is that widespread bigotry had merely gone underground. Now many people feel they have … Read more

Letter to My Sensitive Son

My sweet boy,​I lied to you last week. When we were driving in the car, and there was nothing but the road and our thoughts to keep us company, you asked me some hard questions. I could tell your brain was grappling with new truths you didn’t quite know what to make of. You were … Read more

Slowing Down

I’m officially renaming this winter, “The Season of the Endless Cold.” We’ve been sick almost continuously for about two months, and it has really thrown a wrench in our regular routine. We’re constantly holed up in the house and missing our regular play dates with friends. Our current cold kept us home from yet another play date … Read more

Why Ask Why?

Recently I went grocery shopping with my three year old, and while we were weaving our way up and down the aisles, I was answering a string of questions about what I was looking for and why. I was getting a little impatient with the current line of questioning when I noticed a middle-aged woman further down … Read more

Empathy Through Story

I had two purposes for starting this blog. First, I’m interested in pulling wisdom from a variety of sources to explore what it means to parent with empathy. My other goal is to learn how to instill empathy in our children. I won’t waste time on yet another impassioned speech on the topic, but check out … Read more

Doing the Best They Can

Recently my mom, son, and I spent a weekend in Portland. It’s an annual tradition that I look forward to for months. We always eat a lot of good food, browse our favorite bookstore, and explore new neighborhoods. When my son was younger, we’d find an activity that we knew he’d enjoy, and when he … Read more

The Mistakes We Make

I yelled at my kid today. Like REALLY yelled at him. We were saying goodbye to friends in a parking lot, and my three year old began to walk behind a truck. I yelled, “red light” which is our cue for “stop what you’re doing immediately” and he just kept going. He ran behind the … Read more