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Guest Post: Peacefully Parenting a Strong-Willed Child

Before we discuss an approach to parenting a strong-willed child, let’s take a step back and ask: Is there even such a thing as a “strong-willed” child? Some readers will be nodding their heads vigorously. “Of course there is, just meet my daughter!” There are, however, different perspectives: One is that a strong-willed child has … Read more

Five Important Qualities for Effective Parenting

We all bring our own individual strengths to parenthood. For example, my husband is great at planning grand adventures, I’m good at packing the snacks and making sure everyone dresses in layers. (Can you guess who the fun one in that relationship might be?) Some traits serve us better than others, and we’ve all heard … Read more

Guest Post: Managing Parenting Dreams vs. Children’s Interests

Parents sometimes attempt to live vicariously through their children even when the child has different interests from the parent. They are likely not trying to control the child but believe that their own dreams will make the child happy. Parents can balance their own dreams for their children with their child’s interests to help guide … Read more

The What, How, and Why of Respectful Parenting

Positive parenting, peaceful parenting, respectful parenting, gentle parenting. Call it what you want, these concepts are all more alike than they are different. Odds are you’ve stumbled across one of these phrases in a blog post or from a friend. Maybe you’ve heard that this approach is permissive, that it’s raising up a generation of … Read more

Stop with the Parenting Articles

Stop with the Parenting Articles

There are a LOT of parenting articles out there. Each time I scroll through Facebook, I encounter at least ten new articles. Sometimes we read articles that speak directly to our experience and either affirm our choices or help us understand a particular struggle. These give us a great sense of relief and help boost … Read more

What I’m Reading: Shame-Proof Parenting

It happens in the middle of the grocery store or maybe your first time to a new “mommy and me” group. Your child drops to the ground and begins to wail as you urgently attempt to quell the building storm. You know all eyes are on you, eager to watch your next move. In that moment you aren’t parenting for the child who is having a hard time, you are parenting for every other adult in the room. You’re so focused on how you will be perceived that you completely lose sight of […]