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A Dad’s Guide to Mother’s Day

Listen up, dads.

Mother’s Day is a big deal to the mother of your children. She probably has a picture in her mind of how she wants the day to go, and she’s going to be disappointed if it doesn’t happen. It’s a lot of pressure, right? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the thing: what she wants is actually pretty simple. Obviously every mother is unique, and there can be no definitive guide. That said, I think we can make some safe assumptions:

  1. She’s tired.
  2. She eats food.
  3. She takes care of other people much of the time.

With these near-universal truths, I offer you a dad’s guide to Mother’s Day. You’re welcome. 

1. Plan ahead

If you wait until Sunday morning to start thinking about Mother’s Day, she’s going to know and her feelings will probably be hurt. Plan ahead so she knows she matters to you.

2. Let her sleep

If you do nothing else, DO THIS.

3. Feed her

It doesn’t have to be fancy, and it doesn’t even have to be homemade. It certainly doesn’t have to be brunch in a crowded restaurant full of other people’s children. Just make sure she’s fed. Food is really important. 

4. Take care of the kids and the house

Do the dishes. Get the kids ready. Basically make sure everyone stays alive.

5. Give her something pretty

Sure this could be jewelry, but it probably isn’t. It could mean flowers or a bottle of her favorite wine. To me nothing is prettier than a giant piece of chocolate cake that I don’t have to share. 

6. Plan something she likes to do

Last year my husband suggested we visit our local arcade as a family. This might be a great outing for some families, but taking me to a loud, confined area filled with screaming people is the easiest way to push me into a psychotic break. Know the mother of your children. Choose a simple activity she enjoys, not one you think she should enjoy.

7. Leave her alone

Let the woman rest. Either send her out the door or take the kids and leave her home alone. Let her spend an afternoon taking care of herself. She loves being a mama, but what she really craves is a day off.

8. Tell her you appreciate her

She works really hard, and her family matters a lot to her. Tell her why you appreciate her. Be specific.

There you have it! Following these guidelines, Mother’s Day could be as simple as a nap, delivery pizza, and a movie on the couch. Remember that Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be complicated, just take care of the woman who is always taking care of everybody else. 

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